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21 Sep 2018

APA's combined FY2018 Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

12 Sep 2018

APA Group notes that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has today announced that it does not oppose the previously announced trust schemes under which CKM Australia Bidco Pty Ltdwill acquire all of the stapled securities in APA (Schemes).

03 Sep 2018

APA released its 2018 Tax Return Guide to assist Securityholders with their FY2018 tax returns.

13 Aug 2018

APA Group (ASX:APA) has entered into a conditional Implementation Agreement (Implementation Agreement) with CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (CKI), CK Asset Holdings Limited (CKA), Power Assets Holdings Limited (PAH) and CKM Australia Bidco Pty Ltd (Bidder) (CKA, CKI and PAH together the CKI Consortium) under which Bidder (a wholly owned subsidiary of CKA) will acquire all of the stapled securities in APA under trust schemes (Schemes).