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17 Dec 2021

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group (ASX: APA), today announced it has reached a Final Investment Decision (FID) to build stage two of the Mica Creek Solar Farm in Mount Isa. APA’s stage two investment is underpinned by a variation to the existing offtake agreement with APA customer Mount Isa Mines Limited (MIM), a Glencore Company. The variation adds a new service for the supply of electricity from the Mica Creek Solar Farm for 15 years, requiring additional capital expenditure by APA of around $70 million.

16 Dec 2021

APA has today disclosed a payroll error to the Fair Work Ombudsman, which saw 160 current and former employees covered by the South East and North West Transmission Enterprise Agreements (EA), not receive correct payments for on-call allowances for public holidays.

29 Nov 2021

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group, continues to boost its safety approach with ongoing annual safety awards and plans to implement a national bushfire prevention and management strategy.

04 Nov 2021

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business APA Group will investigate opportunities in Western Australia to commercialise and deliver low cost hydrogen as part of a newly established consortium with Pilot Energy and Warrego Energy Limited.

01 Nov 2021

APA Group has introduced a new set of employee entitlements that embrace a new generation of family-friendly workplace policies, boosting primary parental leave benefits to be among some of the best in the country.

29 Oct 2021

APA welcomes the opportunity to engage with the ACCC on its proposal to acquire AusNet Services.