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14 Jun 2021

Opinion piece by APA CEO and Managing Director, Rob Wheals, published in The Australian newspaper, Monday 14 June 2021

10 Jun 2021

This is APA's submission to the Energy Security Board's (ESB) Post 2025 Market Design Options Paper.

03 Jun 2021

The first of four shipments of steel pipes has arrived in Geraldton for APA Group’s Northern Goldfields Interconnect pipeline, which will see up to $460 million invested in the Goldfields region to form an interconnected WA gas grid.

17 May 2021

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group, has joined Energy Estate’s Hunter Hydrogen Network (H2N) project in an effort to enable Australia’s first ‘hydrogen valley’.

07 May 2021

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group, today welcomes the release of the Australian Government’s interim National Gas Infrastructure Plan (NGIP).

05 May 2021

APA Group today announced it had reached a Final Investment Decision (FID) to commence expansion of transportation capacity on its East Coast Grid, linking Queensland with southern markets, by approximately 25%. APA also announced a significant new East Coast Grid gas transportation agreement (GTA) with Origin Energy Limited (Origin ASX: ORG).

03 May 2021

APA Group today announced that APT Pipelines Limited has completed the redemption and cancellation of the debt facilities and associated hedges that were to mature in calendar year 2022.

29 Apr 2021

This is APA’s submission to Infrastructure Victoria's Draft 30 Year Strategy.

16 Apr 2021

APA’s submission on the application for a transmission authority from CuString Pty Ltd (CuString).