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05 May 2022

Network REZolution – a consortium comprising CIMIC Group companies Pacific Partnerships, CPB Contractors and UGL, and leading Australian energy infrastructure business APA Group – have today welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement that it has been shortlisted to progress to the request for proposal phase for the NSW Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone project.

05 May 2022

APA Group (ASX: APA) provides the attached presentation to be delivered by APA at the Macquarie Australia Conference today.

05 May 2022

APA Group CEO Rob Wheals’ address to the 2022 Macquarie Australia Conference.

21 Apr 2022

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group, today announced it has reached a Final Investment Decision for a $60 million expansion of the South West Pipeline in the Victorian Transmission System, through the installation of an additional compressor facility at Winchelsea Compressor Station.

24 Mar 2022

APA Group CEO Rob Wheals’ address to the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2022.

07 Mar 2022

Download APA’s submission to the Australian Energy Operator Draft 2022 Integrated System Plan.

02 Mar 2022

APA’s submission to the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement for electricity supply options for the North West Minerals Province.

23 Feb 2022

Download APA Group's 1H FY2022 Financial Report.

23 Feb 2022

Download APA Group's 1H FY2022 Results Presentation.