APA Group is currently constructing the 45 MWAC Port Hedland Solar Photovoltaic (PV) generation facility and 35 MW / 39 MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), which supplies renewable energy for large mining customers in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. These new facilities will accompany the existing Port Hedland Power Station (PHPS), owned and operated by APA.  

Port Hedland Solar and Battery Energy Storage.jpg

The existing Port Hedland Power Station, with construction commencing on 66kV switchyard extension and BESS facility.  


Owner, operator APA Group  

Project name Port Hedland Solar and Battery Project  

Location Pilbara, Western Australia  

Construction commencement 2023  

Project expected operational late 2024  

Generating capacity (solar) 45 MWAC 

Battery Energy Storage System Max output 35 MW  

Battery Energy Storage System capacity 37.6 MWh  

New infrastructure  

The project consists of:  

  • a new 45 MWAC solar PV generation facility  
  • a new 35 MW / 37.6 MWh BESS facility  
  • a ~1-kilometre 33kV cable linking the Port Hedland Solar PV facility to the existing Port Hedland Power Station
  • extending the existing 66kV switchyard at Port Hedland Power Station for the new generation facilities  

Government support towards cleaner energy  

The Western Australian Government has committed funding support of $1.5 million for the BESS as part of its Clean Energy Future Fund (CEFF). The BESS replaces spinning reserve provided by the gas-fired power station (via burning gas), with energy stored in the battery to provide instant support to the grid when needed.  

Environmental Performance Reports  

2022-2023 EPBC Compliance Report