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Registration takes 24 hours. You will receive an email inviting you to access our site. Group email addresses are not acceptable. The registration form provides access to all four Starter Packs and can be used to contact us with questions.

There are four Starter Packs that contain templates and instructions for documents, drawings, plot styles, and 3D models.


Document Number


Design Starter Pack


For engineering design services who provide technical labour and documentation to APA (as opposed to physical goods and materials).

Vendor Starter Pack


For vendors who supply APA with physical goods or materials or construction services and supporting documentation.

2019 AutoCAD Plant 3D Starter Pack


Superseded by 020-WP-A-0005

2021 AutoCAD Plant 3D Starter Pack


Superseded by 020-WP-A-0005

2022 AutoCAD Plant 3D Starter Pack


For Engineering design services to create P3D Projects. Must be used in conjunction with Design Starter Packs.

This pack now contains the Plant 3D 2019 and 2021 (for use with BIM360 and Advanced Steel 2019 packs.

EDS Elecdes Drawing Starter Pack



For engineering design services to create Elecdes projects. Must be used in conjunction with Design Starter Pack.

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