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To deliver on our commitments to our customers and stakeholders, we prequalify key suppliers and contractors in order to maintain our standards of performance.



The APA Supplier Prequalification (ASP) Program allows:

  • APA to manage supply chain risk, by prequalifying key suppliers and contractors and measuring and monitoring compliance in accordance with  predetermined requirements;
  • Suppliers and contractors to efficiently and effectively provide information that will aid APA business users nationally in engaging with them. It will be used in day to day supply chain interactions, in supplier and contractor management and development, and in ongoing sourcing initiatives;
  • Both APA and the members of our supply chain to develop, monitor and manage our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment and Social Governance (ESG) credentials.

This is not a static program – as the corporate landscape changes, so will the information collected and utilised.


APA will use the information provided by suppliers and contractors to work with them and further identify ways to improve performance and to develop our on-going relationship.

Process streamlining:

  • Single source of truth – Information is provided once and then maintained as up-to-date annually or in other relevant timeframes.
  • The information provided is held in a centralised repository that is accessible for APA business stakeholders nationally to:
    • enable collaboration with key suppliers and development of solutions for our customers, and
    • instantly access Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and other core information to assist project/work-site start-ups.