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our standards

We are committed to being a sustainable business connecting Australia to its energy future.

Our infrastructure is built for long term use and our business practices must be sustainable to support these long term customer and capital commitments.

By maintaining standards of performance we can deliver quality services for our customers and balance the needs of our key stakeholders and the environment we operate in.

our standards

As a long term investor in energy infrastructure, we expect members of our supply chain are committed to:

Effective governance, considering all of our stakeholders including customers, regulators, government and the communities we impact. We require our suppliers and contractors to practice quality and risk management to not only maintain quality products and services that consider the environment, but also to deliver an effective recovery in the event of a disruption.

Compliance with local and national laws and regulations, including the laws of any countries where product is sourced or from where services are provided. This includes compliance with environment, anti-bribery and corruption, work health and safety, data privacy and labour laws and regulations.

Working and supporting local communities to develop long lasting partnerships that maintain support and goodwill with local businesses and communities. Our suppliers and contractors need to share and respect this value

Working sustainably in relation to the environment. We value goods and services that consider the environment. For example, impact on waste, water, noise, emissions and the sustainable sourcing of materials, among others.

Working safely and fairly as a prerequisite for any business activity. This means having well established safety management systems and closely monitoring and mitigating the risks associated with OHS and employment practices

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