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sourcing & procurement

We’re committed to making informed procurement decisions and maintaining standards of performance in delivering our commitments to our stakeholders.

sourcing & procurement

Our goal is to make optimal procurement decisions that meet the needs of our customers, and provide the best value for money on a total cost basis, based on competitive pricing and having regards to health and safety, environmental, technical, quality, and timeliness requirements.

Sourcing, category management and contractor and supplier management for goods and services will be undertaken at the level for each category deemed most appropriate by APA– be it at a national, regional, and/or individual asset/site level.

Supplying to APA

Unless a separate overriding contract has been entered into with APA, provision of all goods and services supplied to APA will be in accordance with our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. You must have a valid APA purchase order (or work order ) for the relevant services (or goods) prior to commencing work for APA.

Our suppliers and contractors, their personnel and subcontractors are required to adhere to the APA policies set out below. APA may amend / update these policies from time to time. Suppliers and contractors providing all goods and services to APA are responsible for reading and adhering to these policies.