Pipeline marker near housesThe highest capacity pipelines - high-pressure transmission gas pipelines - transport gas over long distances at very high pressure, linking sources of gas supply with local gas distribution networks or major points of consumption.

We want to ensure the safety of anyone living or working near our natural gas pipelines. Because the pipelines are buried, it’s important that you find out what’s below before you dig – both to protect yourself and the essential services below.

The gas pipelines are identifiable by the warning signs located at regular intervals. These markers identify the gas pipeline route but do not indicate the exact location of the buried pipeline.

If a gas transmission pipeline traverses your property

If a gas pipeline easement is registered on your property title there are conditions associated with the easement including what you can and cannot do in the pipeline corridor area. This will include the requirement to seek prior written approval from APA for activities within the corridor such as:

  • replacing or installing fencing
  • any earthworks
  • land levelling or contouring
  • landscaping and planting trees
  • storing material or erecting structures
  • use of explosives
  • use of vibrating machinery
  • transporting heavy machinery or loads

When you want to undertake work we will visit to determine the exact location of the gas pipeline and may supervise the works on or near the gas pipeline corridor. This service is free of charge for all landholders. Penalties apply for undertaking work on the gas pipeline corridor without prior approval.

APA encourages all landholders to use the Before You Dig Australia service.

As part of our pipeline operations we will regularly access your property along the right of way or via agreed access routes. The purpose of our access is to conduct ground patrols, cathodic protection surveys and undertake maintenance work on the pipeline corridor. Should we be required to complete substantial maintenance then we will discuss this with you prior to the works taking place.    

We are here to help so please contact us …

  • when planning work on or near the gas pipeline corridor.
  • when selling or subdividing your property.
  • to report unauthorised activity on or near the gas pipeline corridor (i.e. anyone working on or near the gas pipeline corridor who is not contracted by you or who is not an APA representative.)
  • if you notice soil erosion on or near the gas pipeline corridor
  • to report damaged or missing warning signs

Contact us via:

FREECALL 1800 103 452

EMAIL [email protected]