Wind Farms

APA owns and operates the Emu Downs Wind Farm in Western Australia and owns the adjacent Badgingarra Wind Development site. APA also has an interest in the North Brown Hill Wind Farm in South Australia through EII2.

Emu Downs Wind Farm (WA)

Emu Downs Wind Farm is one of Western Australia's largest green energy initiatives. Located 30 kilometres east of Cervantes, approximately 200 kilometres north of Perth, Emu Downs generates electricity from wind powered turbine technology. The wind farm has a capacity to produce 80 megawatts of electricity at peak, and to supply 50,000 homes per year.

Emu Downs is providing a sustainable energy solution for Western Australia. Electricity from the site is purchased by Synergy Energy and Origin Energy.

Quick facts

Average energy exported per year: 260 gigawatts

Greenhouse gas savings per year: 280,000 tonnes

Number of turbines: 48

Rated output per turbine: 1.65 megawatts

Length of blade: 41 metres

Hub height of turbines: 68.5 metres


Badgingarra Wind Development Project (WA)

APA’s Badgingarra wind development site has approvals to build up to 130 megawatts of installed wind generation capacity. Badgingarra is across the road from Emu Downs and APA has an extensive set of wind monitoring data from the local area, including operating wind generation data from Emu Downs. This data will be used to optimise the design and layout of the wind farm. APA will evaluate latest technology wind turbines before constructing Badgingarra to get the most out of the excellent wind resource in this area.

The potential output of the Badgingarra wind farm is equivalent to the power required for more than 80,000 homes.

North Brown Hill Wind Farm (SA)

North Brown Hill Wind Farm at Hallett, South Australia consists of 63 wind turbines with a total capacity of 132.3 megawatts. It is owned by EII2, in which APA has a 20.2% interest with ICG (39.9%) and Osaka Gas Company Ltd (39.9%). The wind farm has a 25-year offtake arrangement with AGL Energy for both the electricity generated and the renewable energy credits produced.