Emu Downs Solar Farm

APA Group has developed the 20-megawatt Emu Downs Solar Farm (EDSF) in Badgingarra, Western Australia. The solar farm comprises the photovoltaic (PV) array and associated works, such as electrical, civil and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). The output from the EDSF has the potential to save 35,000 tonnes of greenhouse emissions annually.

With Emu Downs Wind Farm, the solar farm is part of Western Australia’s first co-located wind and solar farm. The solar farm was designed to fill the energy gap between the stronger wind patterns in the morning and afternoon in the region. The energy produced from the combined renewables facility has the potential to provide nearly 60,000 Western Australian homes with energy.

The solar farm utilises the NEXTracker single axis tracking system to optimise the efficiency of the PV panels. The expected operational design life for EDSF is at least 25 years.

Key project statistics

  • 75,168 PV panels
  • 10,480 piles
  • 340 kilometres of direct current (DC) cabling
  • 10 kilometres of high voltage (HV) cabling
  • 38,000 PV panel clips
  • PV panels covering 70 hectares of land

Sustainability and environmental conservation were at the forefront in the construction of EDSF. All personnel were dedicated to achieving the highest standards of environmental care on site.

Environmental statistics

  • 960 cubic metres of cardboard recycled
  • 15 tonnes of metal recycled

APA is committed to providing a safe work environment with zero harm to employees, contractors and visitors. This ethos underpinned all activities no matter how small.

Safety statistics

  • 73,000 site worker hours
  • Over 200 personnel onsite
  • No lost time incidents
  • Over 260 hazards reported
  • 178 safety conversations

Emu Downs Solar Farm is part of APA's Western Australian Energy Precinct.