Diamantina power station

APA has investments in gas-fired power generation and microgrid assets right around the country.

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* APA owns and operates the Diamantina Power Station and operates the X41 and Daandine Powers Station on behalf of Energy Infrastructure Investments (EII), in which it also holds a 19.9% interest (with Marubeni Corporation holding 49.9% and Osaka Gas 30.2%).


Diamantina Power Station

Diamantina Power Station is a modern high-efficiency power station serving the power needs of the Mount Isa region in Queensland. Its power generation facilities provide the region with reliable, on-demand natural gas-fired electricity.

It comprises 242 megawatt power generation from combined cycle gas turbines, plus 60 megawatt back-up from the adjacent Leichhardt Power Station open cycle facility.

Diamantina Power Station provides a cleaner source of power generation for Mount Isa with lower emissions and higher plant efficiencies than traditional coal-fired power plants. It produces electricity to supply mines and local communities, with scope for further expansion as energy demand increases.

The Mount Isa region is not connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM) and is located approximately 1,000 kilometres from the nearest potential NEM connection point. The region relies on a local distribution network with centralised gas-fired power generation and on-site generation for remote mining sites. Gas is supplied to the region via APA’s Carpentaria Gas Pipeline.


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X41 and Daandine Power Stations

X41 and Daandine Power Stations are gas-fired engine/generator assets located in Queensland. APA manages, maintains and operates the power stations under a long-term agreement with a market-based fee structure.


Gruyere Microgrid

The Gruyere Gold Mine is a joint venture between Gold Road Resources and Gold Fields Australia located ~900km east of Perth in WA’s Yamarna gold belt. To support the development of this world class gold mine, APA constructed the key energy supply infrastructure consisting of the 198 km Yamarna Gas Pipeline (YGP) and the 45 MW Gruyere Power Station. The Yamarna Gas Pipeline connects the mine to APA’s west coast grid. Commissioned in 2018, the first stage of the Gruyere Power Station consists of 11 X 4.4 MW Jenbacher high efficiency reciprocating gas engines.

APA is transforming the power station to a hybrid renewable microgrid consisting of the existing power station, an additional gas engine, a 13MWp solar farm and a 4.4MW/4.4MWh battery energy storage system (BESS). The supply of reliable, low emissions energy will be managed by a fully integrated microgrid control system.   

The new Gruyere Microgrid leverages the existing gas supply infrastructure to manage the variability associated with solar energy and ensure the reliable supply of electricity to the mine.

The new Gruyere Microgrid will reduce the cost of energy and the associated emissions while increasing the energy supply required for increased gold production.  The overall blended carbon intensity of power supply to the Gruyere Gold Mine will be ~10% lower with the microgrid expansion, combining energy security with emissions reduction.

The Solar farm consists of 25,000 single axis tracking solar panels, together with medium voltage electrical infrastructure consisting of inverters, transformers and 11 kV switchgear. The land disturbance was minimised through the selection of high power solar panels (530w).

Project benefits include:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Proven technology
  • Secure reliable supply
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced costs
  • Fully commercial project (no government subsidies).