Basslink takes its responsibility to the environment extremely seriously, central to this is our Environmental Policy. Implementation of this policy is found in our Environmental Management System (EMS) core of which is our Operations Environmental Management Plan (OEMP).

Basslink environmental responsibility included an initiative to Rejuvenate, Revegetate, Return an old agricultural property to native vegetation and habitat. In this project Basslink utilised the expertise of Greening Australia. More than 16 million plant seeds were sown on the 280 ha property.

Operations Environmental Management Plan

The Operations Environmental Management Plan contains 16 components including , standard procedure, land access plan, complaints management, and incident reporting procedures that explain how environmental issues will be managed during operation and maintenance.

The OEMP also describes maintenance activities such as:

  • Overhead line inspection and maintenance
  • Transition station maintenance
  • Easement inspection and maintenance
  • Converter station maintenance
  • Subsea cable maintenance