Pilbara Pipeline System

APA owns and operates the Pilbara Pipeline System serving Karratha, Port Hedland and mining and power generation customers in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

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The Pilbara Pipeline System (PPS) comprises three pipelines extending from North West Shelf Joint Venture’s Karratha Gas Plant to Port Hedland:

  • Burrup Extension Pipeline (24km) links Woodside’s Karratha Gas Plant with the Pilbara Energy Pipeline at DBNGP Mainline Valve 7, 20 kilometres south of Karratha.
  • Pilbara Energy Pipeline (216km) extends from Karratha, along the Pilbara coast to Port Hedland, where it interconnects with the Telfer Gas Pipeline.
  • Karratha Lateral (5km) connects Pilbara Energy Pipeline to the Horizon Power Station at Karratha.

PPS is currently a free-flow pipeline system, but its capacity can be increased through compression and/or looping to meet future increases in demand.

APA ownership


Regulatory status

PPS is not a covered pipeline under the access regime of the National Gas Law and the National Gas Rules.

Related assets and facilities

Connected to the DBNGP near Karratha and to Telfer Gas Pipeline at Port Hedland.

Capacity and services


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Information on utilisation is available on the Western Australian Gas Bulletin Board, which is updated daily.

Gas specification


Metering and measurement

APA Metering and Measurement requirements