Parmelia Gas Pipeline

APA owns and operates the Parmelia Gas Pipeline — Western Australia’s first natural gas transmission pipeline — supplying Perth and customers in the south west of the state.


The 416-kilometre Parmelia Gas Pipeline is a transmission pipeline that transports gas from Perth Basin gas fields near Dongara (south of Geraldton), the Carnavon Basin (via the Dampier to Bunbury National Gas Pipeline) and APA's Mondarra Gas Storage Facility, to customers in the Perth area and the south west of Western Australia.

APA ownership


Regulatory status

The PGP is a non-scheme pipeline.

Related assets and facilities

APA’s Mondarra Gas Storage Facility adjoins the Parmelia Gas Pipeline

Capacity and services

Refer to gas transmission services — west coast grid.

Information on utilisation is available on the Western Australian Bulletin Board, which is updated daily.

Gas Specification


Metering and Measurement

APA Metering and Measurement requirements


If you are interested in acquiring gas transmission services for this pipeline, you can contact us on 08 6189 4300 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you may wish to make an enquiry by emailing us at

We encourage potential customers to contact APA early when considering their gas supply and transport needs. Early discussion of needs improves the likelihood that APA can tailor services to meet them.

Formal Access Request

For APA's non-scheme pipelines, you have a right to make a Formal Access Request pursuant to Rule 559 of the National Gas Rules. Lodging a Formal Access Request triggers a formal process of Access Offer and information exchange between APA and the potential customer. Details are in APA's User Access Guide.
Potential customers do not have to submit a Formal Access Request to gain access to an APA pipeline.
You can make a Formal Access Request by completing in-full the relevant User Access Request Form for this pipeline and emailing it to