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west coast grid

We operate and maintain around 3,500 kilometres of gas transmission pipelines in Western Australia.

Please contact us on 08 6189 4300 to discuss your gas transportation requirements.

West Coast Pipeline

These pipelines play a key role in the continued economic development and prosperity of the state, connecting some of the most remote communities and operations to a reliable and cost-efficient source of energy as well as providing security of supply for major urban centres.

These assets link key gas-producing areas with iron ore, nickel and gold mining provinces, as well as providing pipeline and storage services which deliver security of supply for Perth and the south-west.

We continue to invest in new gas infrastructure and services to address the evolving needs of our customers state-wide and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we might be able to help.

Pilbara Pipeline System, Goldfields Gas Pipeline and Northern Goldfields Interconnect (Deed Poll).

Commercial Enquiries

Please visit APA's Commercial Enquiries page.