The following table outlines the indicative tariffs for Firm transportation capacity on APA's transmission pipelines. Other services may be available. For further information please contact our Commercial team (contact details below). 

Transmission PipelineIndicative Firm Charges ($/GJ of MDQ)

Roma Brisbane Pipeline


$0.6413/GJ (Reference Service) plus Throughput Charge of $0.0430/GJ

$0.9577/GJ (non-Reference Service)



Berwyndale Wallumbilla Pipeline


South West Queensland Pipeline


Carpentaria Gas Pipeline

(Carpentaria Gas Pipeline is subject to light-handed regulation and the tariff shown is the reference service tariff)

Moomba Sydney Pipeline

$1.02/GJ plus Throughput Charge of $0.05/GJ

Central West Pipeline

$3.51/GJ (Reference Service)

Central Ranges Pipeline

$3.52/GJ (Reference Service – Contract)

Goldfields Gas Pipeline

$0.12/GJ toll charge + $0.0006/GJ capacity (per km) + $0.0002 (per km) Throughput (Reference Service)

$0.37/GJ toll charge + $0.0022/GJ capacity (per km) + $0.0007 (per km) Throughput (non-Reference Service)

Pilbara Energy Pipeline


Mid-West Pipeline

$1.67/GJ plus Throughput Charge of $0.41/GJ

Parmelia Gas Pipeline

$0.54/GJ plus Throughput Charge of $0.06/GJ

Amadeus Gas Pipeline

$0.5835/GJ (Reference Service)

Other Services

In Pipe Trade service (1/1/2017 to 31/12/2017)

$0.01/GJ capped at $3.500 per GTA per month


  1. Prices are rounded, valid as at 1 July 2017 (except In Pipe Trade services) and subject to change without notice
  2. Rates are for Firm capacity unless stated (where capacity is available)
  3. Terms and Conditions of haulage as per APA's standard Gas Transportation Agreement
  4. Standard tariff escalation is quarterly in line with CPI (Weighted average of eight capital cities)
  5. Other ancillary services (compression, redirection, etc) may be required and further information is available on request


For more information

For further information contact our Commercial team on any of the numbers below:

East Coast Grid (RBP, BWP, SWQP, CGP, MSP, CRP & CWP)

07 3323 6027

West Coast Grid (GGP, PGP, PEP & MWP)

08 6189 4300

NT Pipelines (AGP)

08 8924 8100

Map of APA pipelines