Gas transmission services

We provide open access to all of our pipelines and the grid.

Our transportation and associated services include:

  • Firm services
  • Park and Loan services
  • Compression and Redirection services ("Hub" services)
  • Capacity Trading services
  • In Pipe Trade services

Not all services may be available on all pipelines.

If you are interested in acquiring gas transmission services from APA, you may make a preliminary enquiry to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to meet them.  Please call (07) 3323 6027 or email

Pursuant to chapter 6A to the National Gas Law, you may also make an Access Request for gas transmission services on an APA non-scheme pipeline by completing the applicable User Access Request Form for that pipeline.  You will need to complete a User Access Request Form for each pipeline on which you are seeking to acquire services.   Please note that an Access Request in relation to any APA non-scheme pipeline will only be accepted if received in the form of the APA User Access Request Form for the relevant APA pipeline which must be completed in full and emailed to We will let you know within 5 business days if a form sent to this address is incomplete.