Mondarra gas storage facility

Mondarra Gas Storage and Processing Facility

APA’s Mondarra Gas Storage and Processing Facility provides Western Australian gas sellers and buyers with the flexibility to better manage their gas production and consumption.

Being strategically located at the intersection of the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline and APA’s Parmelia Gas Pipeline, the facility’s customers can take advantage of competition between the two pipelines to enhance security of supply and create cost-effective options.

And being more cost-effective than pipeline park and loan facilities, large scale gas storage helps create a more dynamic gas market for Perth and southwest Western Australia.

The facility provides customers with flexibility to:

  • Minimise gas costs by taking advantage of spot price opportunities.
  • Minimise exposure to high-priced gas during periods of peak consumption.
  • Manage commissioning and maintenance phases of gas production.
  • Improve security of supply by enhancing the ability to maintain operations in the face of energy outages and reduce costly requirements to store diesel in case of emergency.
  • Manage emergency and/or security of supply issues by borrowing up to 100 terajoules of gas.
  • Facilitate separate marketing by large joint venture domestic gas producers by assisting with gas balancing.

Peak power producers can also take advantage of peak electricity prices to generate for longer periods than is possible with pipeline storage.

Importantly, the facility also mitigates short-term supply risks such as experienced in 2008 with the Varanus Island incident. The resultant loss of gas supply caused an energy supply crisis in Perth lasting several months.


‘Firm’ and ‘as available’ storage services are offered, with customers also able to access flexible transport options to support their use of the facility.

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How Mondarra Gas Storage and Processing Facility works

The facility makes use of a depleted natural gas reservoir to store up to 18 petajoules of gas. The gas is stored 2,700 metres below the surface in a porous sandstone reservoir capped by an impermeable layer of shale. Gas can be held in the reservoir indefinitely without leakage or deterioration in quality.

Three wells access the reservoir and, boosted by the use of two compressors, allow the injection of up to 70 terajoules or the withdrawal of up to 150 terajoules of gas per day. Associated processing equipment ensures the extracted gas meets all pipeline specifications. The facility can be expanded by tying-in additional wells, compressors and gas processing equipment.