Map of South West Queensland Pipeline

APA owns and operates the South West Queensland Pipeline (SWQP), a key link in our East Coast Grid.

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The bi-directional SWQP (including the 182km QSN Link between Ballera and Moomba) comprises two parallel 937km pipelines (400mm and 450 mm diameter) linking Wallumbilla in South East Queensland to Moomba in South Australia.

APA ownership


Regulatory status

SWQP is not a covered pipeline under the access regime of the National Gas Law and the National Gas Rules.

Related assets and facilities

SWQP connects to the Moomba Sydney Gas Pipeline and Moomba Adelaide Pipeline at Moomba in South Australia and to the Carpentaria Gas Pipeline at Ballera.

At Wallumbilla, SWQP connects to several pipelines allowing gas to be delivered to Brisbane and Gladstone (via the Roma Brisbane Gas Pipeline and Queensland Gas Pipeline), and to receive gas from the Fairview to Wallumbilla Gas Pipeline, Spring Gully to Wallumbilla Gas Pipeline, Darling Downs to Wallumbilla Pipeline and the Berwyndale Wallumbilla Pipeline.

The SWQP can also deliver gas into the Comet Ridge to Wallumbilla Pipeline.

Capacity and services

Pipeline capacity may be available for the provision of services such as ‘Firm’, ‘As Available’ and ‘Interruptible’ services, depending on shipper needs.

The SWQP has a number of opportunities for further future capacity expansions (in both directions) through the installation of additional compression.

Gas specification

Gas transported complies with AS 4564

Metering and measurement

APA Metering and Measurement requirements