Map of Moomba Sydney Pipeline

APA owns and operates the Moomba Sydney Pipeline system which supplies various major population centres in NSW/ACT and functions as a major interstate link in APA’s East Coast Grid.

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The Moomba Sydney Pipeline (MSP) system consists of:

  • a 1,300km bi-directional pipeline between Moomba and Wilton (‘covered’ by light access regulation between Marsden and Wilton, but ‘uncovered’ elsewhere)
  • a 58km ‘covered’ pipeline from Dalton to Canberra
  • a 245km ‘covered’ pipeline from Young to Lithgow and Bathurst
  • a 131km bi-directional ‘covered’ pipeline between Young and Wagga Wagga
  • a 179km ‘covered’ pipeline from Burnt Creek (on the pipeline between Young and Wagga Wagga) to Griffith.
  • an 88km bi-directional ‘uncovered’ interconnect pipeline between Culcairn and Wagga Wagga (which connects to the Victorian Transmission System at Culcairn)
APA ownership


Regulatory status

Part of the MSP mainline and some connecting lateral pipelines are covered (see above) under the access regime of the National Gas Law and the National Gas Rules, and provide light regulation services.


Australian Energy Regulator (AER)

Next regulatory review

Not applicable. Light access regulation has no explicit review dates.


APA has published tariffs for standard Firm Transportation services, which apply for transport services from Moomba and/or Culcairn to all delivery points on the MSP.

The published tariffs that apply for Firm Service from the Moomba and/or Culcairn receipt points to any delivery point on the MSP are as follows:

MSP Published Tariffs - as at 1 July 2016

Capacity Tariff: $0.0007536 / km per GJ of MDQ

Throughput Tariff: $0.0000395 / km per GJ of actual throughput

Note: All Tariffs exclude GST

Related assets and facilities
  • Central West Pipeline (CWP) - connected to the MSP at Marsden
  • Central Ranges Pipeline - connected to the CWP at Dubbo
  • Victorian Transmission System - connected to the MSP at Culcairn
  • Moomba compressor station
Capacity and Services

Pipeline capacity may be available for the provision of services such as ‘Firm’, ‘As Available’ or ‘Interruptible’ services, depending on shipper needs.

The MSP capacity register can be found here.

Information on capacity is also available on the National Gas Market Bulletin Board, which is updated daily.

APA is also currently increasing the capacity of the Victorian-NSW Interconnect. See APA announcement for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Access and Indicative Tariffs for the Covered Pipeline

Gas Specification

AS4564 -2005 Specification

Metering and Measurement

APA Metering and Measurement requirements

Click here to view the 2014-15 ICRC Utility Licence Annual Report for the Dalton to Canberra Pipeline, a part of the Moomba Sydney Pipeline system..