Map of Central West Pipeline

APA owns and operates the Central West Pipeline. 


The 255-kilometre Central West Pipeline (CWP) is a transmission pipeline that is supplied from the Moomba Sydney Pipeline at Marsden and transports gas to regional towns in western NSW, terminating at Dubbo. It connects to the Central Ranges Pipeline at Dubbo.

A diagram of the CWP can found here, showing:

  • Pipeline capacity.
  • Details of receipt and delivery points.
  • Key facilities connected to the pipeline.
  • Technical and physical characteristics of the pipeline.
APA Ownership 


Regulatory Status

CWP is a covered pipeline under the access regime of the National Gas Law and the National Gas Rules, and provides light regulation services.


Australian Energy Regulator

Next Regulatory Review

Not applicable. Light access regulation has no explicit review dates.

Capacity and Services

The following standard services are offered on the Central West Pipeline, subject to available capacity:

  • Firm Transport
  • Operational Capacity Transfer

A description of these services, including the Standard Gas Transport Agreement (SGTA) can be found on the gas transmission services page.

The current tariff for Firm Transportation services contracted on this pipeline for at least 12 months as at 1 July 2021 is:

  • $3.75/GJ for Central West Pipeline deliveries (Dubbo, Parkes, Forbes and Narromine).
  • $2.65/GJ for Central West Pipeline throughput to the Central Ranges Pipeline.

This tariff is based on that applying under the original 10-year access arrangement for this pipeline, which ceased in April 2010 when the CWP became a light regulation pipeline. APA has continued to escalate the tariff in line with the former access arrangement, applying an annual discount of 0.06% to the tariff as escalated by March on March CPI.

Tariffs for the Operational Capacity Transfer service can be found on the tariffs and terms page.

Non-standard services or alternative terms may be available by negotiation, subject to the service provider's statutory obligations regarding price discrimination.

Policies, Procedures and Requirements

Metering and Measurement

Metering and Measurement obligations are outlined in APA’s SGTA (East and Central), and for this pipeline are set out here.

Gas Specification

APA requires the Gas Specification or any other quality to comply with the relevant Australian Standard (AS 4564). APA will measure and/or monitor gas quality in accordance with relevant obligations under contract. Quality obligations are outlined in APA’s SGTA (East and Central).

Credit support

APA has minimum credit support requirements that are a pre-condition to gaining access to pipeline services. APA’s credit support requirements are set out here.


If you are interested in acquiring services for this pipeline, you can contact us on 07 3323 6110 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you may wish to make an enquiry by emailing us at  [email protected].

APA Financial Information Disclosure – Part 7 National Gas Rules

APA is reporting financial information for its pipelines that are subject to light regulation according to AER’s Financial Reporting Guideline for Light Regulation Pipelines. The financial information for the years ending 30 June 2020 and 2021 includes pipeline financial information, the value of the capital base using the AER regulatory valuation methodology, and the weighted average price for services on each of these pipelines.

Interested parties should read APA’s Basis of Preparation together with the completed financial information template that was developed by the AER.

Basis of Preparation
CWP 2021 Part 7 Financial Reporting
Supporting Roll Forward Models:
CWP FY04–FY10 Roll Forward Model
CWP FY11–FY20 Roll Forward Model (revised)
CWP FY21 Roll Forward Model

CWP 2020 Part 7 Financial Reporting
Supporting Roll Forward Models:
CWP FY04–FY10 Roll Forward Model
CWP FY11–FY20 Roll Forward Model

Standard OTSA – Part 24 National Gas Rules

Standard OTSA
CWP Specific Terms
Facility Details referred to in clause 2 of the Facility Specific Terms