Map of Central West Pipeline

APA owns and operates the Central West Pipeline (CWP), part of our East Coast Grid.

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The 255km   CWP is supplied from the Moomba Sydney Pipeline at Marsden and transports gas to regional towns in western NSW, terminating at Dubbo.

APA ownership 


Regulatory status

CWP is a covered pipeline under the access regime of the National Gas Law and the   National Gas Rules, and provides light regulation services.


Australian Energy Regulator (AER)

Next regulatory review

Not applicable. Light access regulation has no explicit review dates.


As at 1 July 2017

Reference Tariff: $3.51 per GJ delivered (excluding GST)


The CWP Reference Tariff is designed to allow for increased gas use into a new and growing market. As such there is no fixed reservation charge for capacity.   

Terms and Conditions

Light   Regulation Terms and Conditions

Related assets and facilities

Moomba Sydney Pipeline - connected at Marsden

Central Ranges Pipeline - connected at Dubbo

Capacity and services


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The CWP capacity register can be found here

Metering and measurement

APA Metering and Measurement requirements