Map of Berwyndale Wallumbilla Pipeline









APA owns and operates the Berwyndale Wallumbilla Pipeline (BWP), an important link in our East Coast Grid.

Please contact us on 07 3323 6027 to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to meet them.


The 112km bi-directional BWP links Berwyndale and Wallumbilla.

APA ownership



The BWP is not a covered pipeline under the access regime of the National Gas Law and the National Gas Rules.

Related assets and facilities

Roma Brisbane Pipeline and South West Queensland Pipeline (at Wallumbilla) and the Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline

Capacity and services

Pipeline capacity may be available for the provision of services such as ‘Firm’, ‘As Available’ and ‘Interruptible’ services, depending on shipper needs.

Metering and measurement

APA Metering and Measurement requirements