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east coast grid

Our 7,500-kilometre East Coast Grid of interconnected gas transmission pipelines provides the flexibility to seamlessly move gas throughout eastern Australia, anywhere from Otway and Longford in the south, to Moomba in the west and Mount Isa and Gladstone in the north.

Please contact us on 07 3323 6027 to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to meet them.


The flexibility offered by our East Coast Grid allows customers to manage their gas portfolios in a more dynamic manner and meet the opportunities offered by the significant and ongoing changes in the industry.

The grid provides the ability to move gas from multiple gas production facilities to gas users across four states, the ACT and to the LNG export market. It includes the flexibility to move gas between nearly 30 receipt points and approximately 100 delivery points.

And it’s supported by the commercial and operational frameworks to enable delivery of a wide range of flexible services, such as multi-asset services, bi-directional transportation, capacity trading, gas storage and parking facilities.

We shall continue to develop our gas infrastructure and services to address the changing needs of our customers. Please speak to us about how we can help you.