APA owns and operates the South East South Australia (SESA) Pipeline which supplies gas from the SEA Gas Pipeline, at Poolaijelo, to the Australian Gas Networks’ distribution network, at Ladbroke Grove.


The 45 km South East South Australia (SESA) Pipeline supplies natural gas from the SEA Gas Pipeline at Poolaijelo to Epic Energy SA’s South East Pipeline System (SEPS) at Katnook, near Penola. The SEPS pipeline travels 70 kilometres to Snuggery, near Millicent, and Australian Gas Network’s gas distribution network in Mount Gambier.

APA ownership


Regulatory status

The SESA Pipeline is not a covered pipeline under the access regime of the National Gas Law and the National Gas Rules.

Capacity and Services

If you are interested in acquiring gas transmission services for this pipeline, you may make a preliminary enquiry to discuss your requirements by contacting us at commercial.contracts@apa.com.au.

You may also make an Access Request pursuant to Rule 559 of the National Gas Rules by completing in full the User Access Request Form for this pipeline and emailing it to useraccessrequest@apa.com.au. You must complete a User Access Form for each pipeline on which you are seeking to acquire gas transmission services.

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Connected to the SEA Gas Pipeline at Poolaijelo