APA manages and operates the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline on behalf of Energy Infrastructure Investments, in which we hold a 19.9% ownership interest.


The 287 kilometre Bonaparte Gas Pipeline (BGP) is a transmission pipeline that starts at Wadeye, transporting gas from the Blacktip gas field in the Timor Sea to the Amadeus Gas Pipeline at Ban Ban Springs. Gas from the BGP is also delivered via a small lateral to the remote power station near the town of Wadeye.

APA Ownership


Regulatory Status

The BGP is a non-scheme pipeline.

It has been granted an exemption from reporting requirements under Part 23 of the National Gas Rules as it is a single shipper pipeline.

Capacity and Services

The following standard services are offered on the BGP, subject to available capacity:

  • Firm Transport
  • Interruptible Transport

A description of these services, including the Standard Gas Transportation Agreement (SGTA) can be found on the gas transmission services page.

Non-standard services may be available by negotiation. 

Notes on services

Firm services are available over varying terms as set out on the gas transmission services page.    

Interruptible services are only available while the pipeline is fully contracted in respect of the corresponding firm service.

Policies, Procedures and Requirements

Metering and Measurement

Metering and Measurement obligations are outlined in APA’s SGTA, and for this pipeline are set out here.

Gas Specification

APA requires the gas specification to comply with the published Gas Specification for this pipeline. APA will measure and/or monitor gas quality in accordance with its relevant obligations under contract. Quality obligations are outlined in APA’s SGTA.

Credit support

APA has minimum credit support requirements that are a pre-condition to gaining access to pipeline services. APA’s credit support requirements are set out here.


If you are interested in acquiring services for this pipeline, you can contact us on 08 8924 8100 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you may wish to email us at commercial.contracts@apa.com.au.

We encourage potential customers to contact APA early when considering their gas supply and transport needs. Early discussion of needs improves the likelihood that APA can tailor services to meet them.

Formal Access Request

For APA’s non-scheme pipelines, you have a right to make a Formal Access Request pursuant to Rule 559 of the National Gas Rules. Lodging a Formal Access Request triggers a formal process of Access Offer and information exchange between APA and the potential customer. Details are in APA’s User Access Guide.

Potential customers do not have to submit a Formal Access Request to gain access to an APA pipeline.

You can make a Formal Access Request by completing in-full the relevant User Access Request Form for this pipeline and emailing it to useraccessrequest@apa.com.au.