Brisbane (South), Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Oakey Gas Distribution Network

APA operates and has an ownership interest in the natural gas distribution network in the Allgas Gas Network in Brisbane (South), Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Oakey. Gas retailers use this network to transport gas sourced by them to customers connected to the Allgas network. Some large industrial gas users may also use the network to transport gas sourced independently of a retailer.

On this page we present information for energy retailers and large gas users who wish to use the network to transport gas for which they have contracted supply independently of a gas retailer.

Information for customers of gas retailers can be found by clicking here.

Information for Gas Retailers and Large Industrial Gas Users


The Allgas Gas Network is owned by GDI (EII) Pty Ltd and extends from Brisbane, south of the river, to the northern tip of New South Wales, with separate networks in Toowoomba and Oakey. The network includes some small extensions in Northern NSW (Northern Rivers). In addition, a small pipeline (1km) services an ammonium nitrate plant at Moura, Central Queensland. In total, the network includes 3,218 kilometres of distribution mains supplying around 100,000 gas users.

APA maintains a 20% interest in GDI (EII) Pty Ltd, with equity partners Marubeni Corporation and Deutsche AWM each holding a 40% interest.

APA operates and maintains the Allgas network on behalf of GDI (EII) Pty Ltd.

Regulatory status

Covered by Light Regulation


Australian Energy Regulator (AER)


1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

Tariffs are derived by applying CPI escalation to the tariffs last approved by the AER under the access arrangement.

Next regulatory review


Required documentation

Map of the GDI Allgas Gas Network

Allgas Haulage Agreement - Demand Customer Services

Allgas Instrument of Agreement

Allgas Indicative Terms and Conditions of Access

Unaccounted For Gas (UAFG) Estimation Methodology

Pipeline information

Allgas takes delivery of natural gas into its distribution network at the Ellen Grove, Mt Gravatt, Oakey, Runcorn, Tingalpa, Toowoomba and Willawong gate stations. 

The Roma Brisbane Pipeline reports the connection point nameplate ratings of each Allgas gate station to the Gas Bulletin Board. Monthly injection information is available here.

A description of the services offered, including polices that affect access to the Allgas distribution network can be found in the Allgas Indicative Terms and Conditions of Access.

Related Assets

The Roma Brisbane Pipeline connects with the Allgas Gas Network at Oakey, Toowoomba and Brisbane.