10 Sep 2021

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group, has reached agreement on a new gas transportation service with Senex Energy for the delivery of gas through APA’s Wallumbilla Gas Hub, South West Queensland Pipeline and Carpentaria Gas Pipeline to APA’s Diamantina Power Station in Mount Isa.

The gas transportation service, which will commence on 1 January 2022, reinforces the critical role of APA through its Diamantina Power Station in delivering cost effective, safe and reliable power generation for the Mount Isa region.

“Consistent with our customer promise, we aim to ensure we deliver our customers the services that they value and we are therefore delighted to reach this agreement with Senex Energy,” APA CEO and Managing Director Rob Wheals said today.

“We are very pleased to build another strong relationship that supports our customers, the Mount Isa region and the North West Minerals Province of Queensland.

“As always, we will continue to work with our customers to support their requirements, consistent with APA’s purpose to strengthen communities through responsible energy.”

Importantly, the new gas transportation service and the supply arrangements announced by Senex Energy will ensure APA continues to deliver reliable power to APA’s existing customer, New Century Resources Limited, at Diamantina Power Station.

APA has proudly invested more than $1 billion in energy assets in the North West Minerals Province, underscoring our commitment to delivering safe, reliable and affordable energy security to the region.

“Our new transportation service with Senex Energy further underpins the economic activity and jobs for this minerals rich region of Queensland,” Mr Wheals said.

“We are proud to be providing our customers and the community with flexible energy solutions.”