29 Nov 2021

Leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group, continues to boost its safety approach with ongoing annual safety awards and plans to implement a national bushfire prevention and management strategy.

APA Group recently published its 2020-21 Annual Performance Report for Directlink, the electricity connector for Queensland and NSW, linking Powerlink and Essential Energy networks.

Consistent with APA’s purpose to strengthen communities through responsible energy, the business undertakes regular assurance activities and risk assessments for Directlink to review the effectiveness of its activities and programs in relation to managing safety, performance and reliability of the interconnector.

APA Group Executive Operations Darren Rogers said the health and wellbeing of our people will always be our top priority and central to this is our laser-like focus on safety.

“Directlink staff are encouraged to continually innovate the way they carry out their work and to strive for improved safety outcomes through the ongoing annual safety awards,” Mr Rogers said.

“Staff are nominated for their achievements and innovative methods for improving the overall safety of Directlink for staff, contractors, the environment, property and the public.

“APA is also in the process of rolling out an enhanced national bushfire prevention and management strategy designed to further mitigate the risk and impacts of bushfire.

“The strategy covers both the planning and actions required for bushfire prevention, response and recovery.”

To read the 2020-21 Annual Performance Report for: Safety Management System and bushfire preparedness go to: https://www.apa.com.au/our-services/other-energy-services/electricity-interconnectors/directlink/