28 Oct 2016

APA Group today announced the retirement of John Ferguson, one of its Executive Committee members. John is the Group Executive of APA's Networks division – the asset management arm that manages and operates distribution networks and related infrastructure assets for Australian Gas Networks and GDI Allgas Networks.

Managing Director Mick McCormack said, "John joined APA in September 2008 as General Manager Networks before being promoted to the Executive Committee in 2012. He has provided APA, and the Networks business in particular, with a wealth of operational experience, disciplined business practice and dedicated leadership in successfully running the Networks business over that time."

With John's retirement, APA has taken the opportunity to review the roles and responsibilities of its Executive Committee, resulting in the creation of a new role – Group Executive Networks and Power.

"As we continue to execute our strategy, and see our portfolio of complementary assets growing, there are areas of our business that sensibly fit under one Group Executive. Accordingly, a new role has been created with responsibility for the Networks business and additional functions including APA's Power Assets portfolio", said Mr McCormack.

Sam Pearce, our current General Manager Corporate Development, has been appointed to this new position. Sam, in his new role as Group Executive Networks and Power, will look after the networks asset management business as well as our power generation and power transmission businesses, including APA's interests in gas-fired power stations, wind and solar energy generation assets.

Sam has extensive industry knowledge and commercial experience in both gas and power generation, with over 20 years energy industry experience across infrastructure and energy production businesses. In his 8 years at APA, Sam has overseen many of our key acquisition and investment decisions, including the acquisition of Epic Energy and development and full acquisition of Diamantina Power Station. He has also served on several Boards including GDI (EII) Pty Ltd and South East Australia Gas Pty Ltd (SEA Gas).

Sam will take up this role as a member of APA's Executive Committee effective 1 December 2016 but will begin working with John Ferguson immediately to ensure a smooth transition.