31 Oct 2018

APA Group (ASX: APA) (APA) notes CKM Australia Bidco Pty Ltd (Bidder) has confirmed to APA that the shareholders of CK Asset Holdings Limited (CKA), CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (CKI) and Power Assets Holdings Limited (PAH) have voted to approve the relevant resolutions put to shareholders of each of those entities relating to the previously announced trust schemes under which Bidder will acquire all of the stapled securities in APA (Schemes).

The approval of the shareholders of CKA means the relevant condition to the Schemes regarding CKA shareholder approval has been satisfied. The approval of the shareholders of CKI and PAH enable each of them to participate in the CKI Consortium. As a result of the outcome of these shareholder votes, if all other conditions to the Schemes are satisfied or waived the Schemes will proceed with Bidder being partly owned by CKA, CKI and PAH.

The Schemes remain subject to certain conditions, including approvals from the Australian Federal Treasurer (FIRB approval), APA Securityholders and the Supreme Court of New South Wales.