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In the Pipeline March 2017

APA 2016 Investor Day

09 Nov 2016

Presentations by APA Executive and key management personnel at APA's 2016 Investor Day held in Sydney Thursday 10 November 2016.

2016 Annual Meeting Presentations

In the Pipeline September 2016

2016 Annual Meeting - Notice of Meeting

23 Sep 2016

2016 Annual Report and Sustainability Report

23 Sep 2016

FY2016 Sustainability Report

24 Aug 2016

Grattan Institute's Energy Futures public forum - Address by Nevenka Codevelle

20 May 2016

Address by Nevenka Codevelle Company Secretary & General Counsel, APA Group to the Grattan Institute’s Energy Futures public forum, 19 May 2016 entitled 'Gas pipelines investing and innoavtion for gas markets'.