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Offer Documents

Ethane Pipeline Income Fund (EPX) Bidder's Statement

21 Mar 2016

Dispatched to EPX Securityholders 21 March 2016

APA Group Retail Entitlement Offer Booklet (2014)

15 Dec 2014


Envestra Limited Scheme Booklet April 2014

11 Apr 2014

Envestra Limited Scheme Booklet approved for despatch to shareholders 7 April 2014 and registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission
(dispatched to all Participating Envestra Shareholders, Friday 11 April 2014)

ATO Ruling CR2014-042 - Envestra Scheme of Arrangement

07 Apr 2014

Australian Taxation Office Class Ruling CR2014-042 - Envestra Scheme of Arrangement Scrip for scrip rollover relief

HDF Acquisition Sixth Supplementary Bidder's Statement

10 Oct 2012

HDF Acquisition Fifth Supplementary Target's Statement

04 Sep 2012

The HDF Fifth Supplementary Target's Statement relates to the Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund (HDF) when it was previously managed by Hastings Funds Management. This document is provided for information only. APA Group does not verify the information contained in the document.

HDF Acquisition Fifth Supplementary Bidder's Statement

27 Aug 2012

HDF Acquisition Fouth Supplementary Bidder's Statement

22 Aug 2012

APA Group Subordinated Notes Prospectus (2012)

17 Aug 2012

HDF Acquisition Third Supplementary Bidder's Statement

22 Feb 2012