This Debt Investor section provides an overview of APA Group's debt profile, liquidity and debt metrics as at 30 June 2021, in line with APA's current reporting period. All of APA’s debt facilities are structured on a senior unsecured basis with negative pledge provisions and rank pari passu with one another.

Credit ratings

APT Pipelines Limited is APA Group’s borrowing entity which has the following investment grade credit ratings:

1. Standard & Poor's Long Term Rating: BBB (Stable Outlook) unchanged since June 2009
2. Moody's Long Term Rating: Baa2 (Stable Outlook) unchanged since April 2010

Key metrics

Metric 30-Jun-21 30-Jun-20 30-Jun-19 30-Jun-18
Funds From Operations to Interest Coverage* 3.06x 3.2x 3.0x 3.0x
Funds From Operations to Debt* 11.0% 12.0% 10.7% 10.7%
Average interest rate applying to drawn debt 5.1% 5.4% 5.5% 5.7%
Interest rate exposure fixed or hedged 100% 100% 100% 98%
Average maturity of drawn senior facilities 7.8 yrs 6.4 yrs 6.8 yrs 6.9 yrs

* APA calculations

Funding sources

Diversified funding from international and domestic debt capital and banking markets.

Facilities   30-Jun-21

Total Facilities1 A$10,937m
Drawn Debt Facilities A$9,687m
Drawn Bank Facilities A$0m
Undrawn Bank Facilities A$1,250m
Cash at Bank A$651m
Available Liquidity A$1,901m

1. The March 2015 US 144A Notes (maturing in 2025 and 2035), EUR MTN (maturing in 2027) & GBP MTN (maturing in 2030) were retained or swapped into US dollar denominated debt obligations at issuance. Please refer to the Debt capital market issuance table below for more information.

Debt maturity profile as at 30 June 2021


2. USD denominated obligations translated to AUD at the prevailing rate at inception (USD144A - AUD/USD=0.7879, EUR MTN and GBP MTN AUD/USD=0.7772).

Debt capital market issuance


Issuance Date

Maturity Date

Annual Coupon in Issuance Currency

Amount Issued in Original Currency

Hedged Amount

Exposure in AUD


Annual Interest Payable in AUD
AUD MTN 20-Oct-16 20-Oct-23 3.75% A$200m - A$200m 3.75%
GBP MTN 26-Nov-12 26-Nov-24 4.25% £350m A$536m A$536m 7.36%
GBP MTN3 20-Mar-15 22-Mar-30 3.50% £600m US$886m A$1,140m -
GBP MTN 18-Mar-19 18-Jul-31 3.13% £400m A$742m A$742m 4.54%
GBP MTN 15-Mar-21 18-Mar-36 2.50% £250m A$452m A$452m 4.24%
EUR MTN3 20-Mar-15 22-Mar-27 2.00% €650m US$683m A$879m -
EUR MTN 30-Apr-20 15-Jul-30 2.00% €600m A$1,018m A$1,018m 3.87%
EUR MTN 15-Mar-21 18-Mar-29 0.75% €600m A$928m A$928m 2.95%
EUR MTN 15-Mar-21 18-Mar-33 1.25% €500m A$774m A$774m 3.78%
JPY MTN 13-Jun-19 13-Jun-34 1.03% ¥10,000m A$133m A$133m 4.23%
US 144A Notes3 23-Mar-15 23-Mar-25 4.20% US$1,100m - A$1,396m -
US 144A Notes 23-Mar-17 15-Jul-27 4.25% US$850m A$1,109m A$1,109m 5.29%
US 144A Notes3 23-Mar-15 23-Mar-35 5.00% US$300m - A$381m -
TOTAL           A$9,687m

3. The majority of the revenues to be received over 20 years from the foundation contracts on the Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline will be received in US dollars. The March 2015 US 144A Notes (maturing in 2025 and 2035), EUR MTN (maturing in 2027) & GBP MTN (maturing in 2030) were retained in or swapped into US dollar denominated debt obligations at issuance. These have been translated to Australian dollars at the prevailing rate at inception (US 144A Notes at AUD/USD=0.7879, EUR MTN and GBP MTN at AUD/USD=0.7772) and are being managed as a 'designated hedge' with the highly probable Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline US dollar revenues.

Committed bank facilities

Facility Facility Limit Drawn Headroom Maturity
Bilateral 1 A$50m - A$50m 16-May-22
Bilateral 2 A$100m - A$100m 18-Jul-22
Bilateral 3 A$50m - A$50m 18-Jul-22
Syndicated Facility 1 A$500m - A$500m 30-Jun-23
Syndicated Facility 2 A$500m - A$500m 31-Dec-23
Bilateral 4 A$50m - A$50m 19-Dec-25
TOTAL A$1,250m A$0m A$1,250m  

Group structure


•  APA Group is listed as a stapled structure on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:APA)
•  APA is a stapled structure comprising two registered managed investment schemes:
      –Australian Pipeline Trust (ARSN 091 678 778)
      –APT Investment Trust (ARSN 115 585 441) is a pass-through trust
•  Australian Pipeline Limited (ACN 091 344 704) is the responsible entity of APT and APTIT
•  The units of APT and APTIT are stapled and must trade and otherwise be dealt with together
•  APT Pipelines Limited (ABN 89 009 666 700), a company wholly owned by APT, is APA’s borrowing entity and the owner of the majority of APA’s operating assets and investments

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