EPX Securityholders whose securities have been compulsorily acquired will need to complete a claim form in order to receive the consideration.  This form was posted to those securityholders on the 16 June 2016. You will receive the same cash consideration of A$1.88 per EPX security as those securityholders who validly accepted the Offer.

EPX Securities (ASX:EPX) have been suspended from quotation on the ASX as a result of the compulsory acquisition process. This means that EPX Securities are no longer able to be traded on the ASX.

If you have any queries in relation to this process or your entitlements, please contact the APA Securityholder Information Line on 1800 992 312 (toll free within Australia) or +61 2 1800 992 312 (from outside Australia) between 8.30am and 7.30pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday.


On the 7th March 2016, APA Group (APA) announced a recommended unconditional, all-cash, off-market takeover offer for Ethane Pipeline Income Fund (EPX). APA offered to acquire all Ethane Pipeline Income Fund securities for A$1.88 in cash for each EPX Security. In addition, EPX Securityholders were entitled to retain the distribution declared by EPX for the March 2016 quarter of 3.25 cents per EPX Security if eligible on the Distribution Record Date. 

The Offer was made by the Australian Pipeline Limited (ABN 99 091 344 704) as responsible entity of Australian Pipeline Trust (ARSN 091 678 778) (“Bidder”). 

The Offer was dated 21 March 2016 and closed at 7.00pm (Sydney Time) on 30 May 2016.

On the 11th May 2016, APA reached a relevant interest in EPX of over 90% and advised that it would proceed to compulsory acquisition of the remaining EPX Securities upon close of the Offer.  EPX securities were suspended from ASX quotation on the 18th May 2016.   


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APA ASX Releases in relation to the Offer


If you have any questions in relation to the compulsory acquisition process, please call the APA Securityholder Information Line on 1800 992 312 (toll free within Australia) or +61 1800 992 312 (from outside Australia) between 8.30am and 7.30pm (Sydney Time), Monday to Friday.