APA Group’s annual meeting will be held this year as a virtual meeting, commencing 10:00am (Sydney time) on 22 October 2020.  Further information regarding the format and agenda for the annual meeting is available in:  

Attending the meeting 

Securityholders and proxyholders will be able to participate online via our meeting platform at https://agmlive.link/APA20 or via the telephone on (+61) 1800 572 288.  Persons wishing to view the meeting only may also access the meeting broadcast via that meeting platform, however telephone access is not available to persons who are not a securityholder or a proxyholder.  Online and telephone access to the meeting will open prior to the commencement time, on the day of the meeting. 

It is strongly recommended that participants log/dial into the annual meeting at least 15 minutes before commencement time.  

Online access 

Online access to the annual meeting will open at least an hour before the meeting, and is granted upon registering at https://agmlive.link/APA20, by entering: 

  • your name (please enter your name even if you are a proxyholder); 
  • phone number (preferably mobile); and  
  • email address.   

 If you only wish to view the annual meeting nothing else needs to be done. 

To vote and ask questions: 

APA Group securityholders and proxyholders wishing to participate in the meeting (by voting and/or asking questions) will need to input their applicable securityholder reference number, holder identification number or proxyholder code to obtain a voting card and/or submit a question.  Voting cards and questions submission tabs are available in the online platform and further information is available in the APA Group Annual Meeting Guide.  Questions are limited in length to 512 characters.

Telephone access    

For telephone access APA Group securityholders or proxyholders will need the unique PIN set out in the proxy form provided with the APA Group notice of meeting.   If the PIN cannot be located, please contact Link Market Services on (+61) 1800 992 312 or email [email protected].  

A Link Market Services telephone operator will assist telephone attendees with meeting items such as registering to vote and asking questions.  Further information is available in the APA Group Annual Meeting Guide. 

Extra information for APA Group securityholders 

At the annual meeting APA Group is seeking securityholder approval for amendments to the Constitutions of Australian Pipeline Trust and APT Investment Trust.  If the amendments are approved the amendments to the trust constitutions will be recorded in: 

Further information is available in the Notice of Meeting and its explanatory notes to Resolutions 6 and 7.   

Need help or have any further questions? 

Please contact Link Market Services on (+61) 1800 992 312 or email [email protected].