National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) 

APA owns and operates the natural gas distribution network in Tamworth, NSW. Gas retailers use this network to transport gas sourced by them to customers connected to APA’s network.

As a customer of a gas retailer, most of your dealings will be with your retailer, but following is information which you may find helpful.

If you require information in languages other than English, please call the Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) National on 131 450. 

APA provides Customer Connection Services for premises in Tamworth. These services cover connection of a customer’s premises to APA’s distribution network and the gas supplied to the customer’s premises. 

Detailed information on these Customer Connection Services is provided below under the following headings:

Note: APA will comply with applicable laws and regulations as they may change from time to time.    

Access to Customer Connection Services

APA must, subject to and in accordance with the energy laws, provide Customer Connection Services for the premises of a customer:

  • who requests those services; and
  • whose premises are connected, or is seeking to have those premises connected to APA’s network.

Types of Customer Connection Services Contracts 

APA has two types of Customer Connection Services contracts:

  1. An Interim Deemed Standard Connection Contract; and
  2. A Negotiated Connection Contract.

An Interim Deemed Standard Connection Contract is the standard contract applying to most situations, not requiring the terms of the contract to be individually negotiated. A copy of APA’s Interim Deemed Standard Connection Contract can be obtained and downloaded here.

Negotiated Connection Contracts are prepared on a case-by-case basis to meet the reasonable requirements of the particular connection applicant.

If you are:

  • A licensed plumber.
  • A licensed builder.
  • Undertaking a subdivision.
  • Undertaking construction of multiple new residential premises.
  • Undertaking construction of commercial or industrial premises.

and you wish to discuss a Negotiated Connection Contract, you can complete and lodge a network application form by clicking here or a meter upgrade request form by clicking here or call our Natural Gas Connection Line on 1300 001 001.

For all other connection enquiries, apply directly to your retailer.

APA is required to negotiate the terms of a Negotiated Connection Contract with the connection applicant, and based on the outcome of these negotiations, to make a negotiated connection offer to the connection applicant within 65 business days after the date of the application.  The negotiated connection offer will include a copy of the proposed Negotiated Connection Contract.  

Customer Rights and Obligations

Customer’s rights and obligations applying to the Customer Connection Services that APA provides are set out in the Interim Deemed Standard Connection Contract or Negotiated Connection Contract and the National Energy Retail Law, National Energy Retail Regulations and the National Energy Retail Rules. 

Customers who consume less than 1,000 gigajoules (1 terajoule) of gas per annum (most residential and smaller business customers) also have certain rights, entitlements and obligations that are summarised here

Charges for Customer Connection Services

A customer who receives Customer Connection Services under an Interim Deemed Standard Connection Contract is not required to pay APA charges for Customer Connection Services - these charges are included in the tariffs payable to APA by the customer’s retailer. 

For information on APA’s Tamworth distribution network tariffs, click here.

Distributor Service Standard

The distributor service standard for APA’s Tamworth network requires APA to issue a notice to a customer when APA de-energises (disconnects) the customer’s premises at the request of a retailer on a ground permitted under the National Energy Retail Rules, if the customer uses less than 1,000 gigajoules (1 terajoule) of gas per annum. For more information on the service standard click here.

Some states require a gas distributor to make payment to a customer where the distributor fails to meet a service standard. There is no such requirement applying to APA's Tamworth network.

De-energisation and Re-energisation (Disconnection and Reconnection)

Under the National Energy Retail Rules, APA may disconnect the gas supply:

  • At the direction of your energy retailer:
    • For failure to pay your bill.
    • For failure to pay a required security deposit.
    • For denying access to the meter.
    • For illegally using energy.
    • For failure to notify that you have moved into new premises.
    • At your request.

In these circumstances the retailer must comply with the relevant reminder and notice periods specified in your retail contract before asking us to undertake the disconnection.

  • As your distributor, we may also disconnect your premises:
    • For illegal use of energy, tampering with the meter or other equipment, or use that impacts on the system or another customer’s use of energy.
    • For providing false information in the customer connection contract.
    • For health, safety or emergency situations requiring disconnection.

Before disconnecting your premises, we will issue a disconnection warning notice:

  • To warn you that the premises may be disconnected.
  • State the matter giving rise to the potential de-energisation.
  • Where the notice has been issued for not paying a bill:
    • State the date on which the disconnection warning period ends.
    • State that payment of the bill must be made during the disconnection warning period.
  • For matters other than not paying a bill:
    • Allow a period of not fewer than 5 business days after the date of issue for the customer to rectify the matter before de-energisation will or may occur.
    • Inform the customer of applicable re-energisation procedures and (if applicable) that a charge will be imposed for re-energisation.
    • Include details of the existence and operation of the energy ombudsman, including contact details.
    • Include details of the telephone number of the retailer and the distributor (as applicable).

Except in case of emergency or illegal use of energy, we will not disconnect your premises:

  • Where your retailer has advised us that the premises are registered as having life support equipment present.
  • Where the customer has an unresolved complaint lodged with us or with the Ombudsman.
  • For non-payment of your bill, during an extreme weather event.
  • During one of the following protected periods:
    • A business day before 8am or after 3pm.
    • A Friday or the day before a public holiday.
    • A weekend or a public holiday.
    • The days between 20 December and 31 December (both inclusive) in any year.

We will re-energise your premises:

  • Where the de-energisation was at the request of your retailer.
  • Where the de-energisation was at our initiation; if you have, within 10 business days of the de-energisation, rectified the matter that led to the de-energisation, made a request for re-energisation and paid any charges for re-energisation.

For more information about the timeframes for energisation and re-energisation click here

Customer Complaints and Dispute Resolution

APA is required to handle a customer’s complaint or dispute in accordance with APA’s Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedures.  These procedures apply to customers who consume less than 1,000 gigajoules (1 terajoule) of natural gas per annum.

A copy of APA’s Standard Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedures can be downloaded here.

If a customer is not satisfied with APA’s response to a complaint or dispute, the customer has the right to refer the complaint or dispute to the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW Limited by calling 1800 246 545 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm); faxing 1800 812 291; emailing [email protected]; completing an online complaint form at; or writing to Reply Paid 86550, Sydney South, NSW 1234. 

New Connections

APA offers two types of new connection services for persons who apply for new connections or a connection alteration:

  1. Basic Connection Service.
  2. Negotiated Connection Service.

For more information on the Basic Connection Service click here, and for a copy of the Standard Terms and Conditions that apply to APA's Basic Connection Service click here

For more information on the Negotiated Connection Service click here.

Where Charges Apply for New Connections

APA does not charge for the basic connection service unless APA or its representatives are unable to gain safe and unhindered access to premises. If a repeat visit is necessary, APA charges a repeat visit fee.

APA may charge for a new connection that is not a basic connection service, for example, where an extension of the gas main to the customer's premises is required.

Charges depend on several factors which include:

  • How close the gas main is to the property.
  • Where the gas meter is going to be located.
  • Accessibility of the property.

If you are:

  • A licensed plumber.
  • A licensed builder.
  • Undertaking a subdivision.
  • Undertaking construction of multiple new residential premises.
  • Undertaking construction of commercial or industrial premises.

Call our Natural Gas Connection Line on 1300 001 001.

All other connection enquiries should be made direct to your gas retailer.