In September 2022, APA Group initiated a comprehensive review of pay and entitlements for employees who were covered under an enterprise agreement between 1 October 2015 & 30 September 2022.

This review followed a proactive payroll audit that was undertaken for the FY21 financial year which regrettably identified payment errors. APA Group sincerely apologises to our employees for these errors and have self-reported these issues to the Fair Work Ombudsman. 

We have now finalised the review outcomes for the seven-year period and are in the process of contacting current and former employees to advise of individual review outcomes. 

How to access the APA Group Payroll Review Portal

To access the APA Payroll Review Portal, you must first receive confirmation from our Payroll Review team that you are owed a back payment. If you have been contacted by the Payroll Review team, please log in to the APA Payroll Review portal to get started.

The portal provides access to verify your details, review your outcome letter and how to contact us for further support.