Site safety induction at Emu Downs Solar Farm

Our Priority

Our priority is to provide a workplace that is free from harm. There is nothing we do that is so important that we need to put people’s safety at risk or fail to protect the environment we work in.

Our HSE Policy

Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy affirms our commitment to a safe place of work and protecting the environment while focusing on the continual improvement in our HSE performance.

Our HSE Strategy

Our Health, Safety and Environment Strategy aims to identify actions that, when implemented, will help reduce risks to health, safety and the environment across APA and contribute to our goal of zero harm.

In summary, it aims to:

  1. identify and understand HSE risks within our work environment
  2. implement and maintain strategies and improvement programs which prevent and/or reduce consequences of harm
  3. monitor and review the effectiveness of our HSE programs to continually learn and improve

Looking after the environment

APA is committed to managing our impacts on the environment and communities in which we operate. Our management approach allows us to meet all statutory and environmental obligations and continually improve on performance.