Jobseekers should be aware of employment scams, involving dishonest people misrepresenting companies and businesses.

Employment scams can involve people dishonestly using company and business names and logos to access personal information or extort money from unsuspecting people.

People seeking employment with APA Group should be aware that:

  • APA will never ask for any money or payments from applicants in the recruitment process.
  • APA communication with applicants is done through an APA email address.
  • APA does not make offers of employment through social media.

Some of the warning signs that jobseekers should be aware of include:

  • You are offered higher pay than the job description or for little work.
  • You are offered a job without an application or interview with the employer.
  • The company or business asks you to transfer money or asks for your bank account or credit card information.
  • You are told you have to pay for your own training or you are to pay for a credit report or purchase IT equipment.
  • You are asked to cash a cheque and transfer money to a third party.

If you receive what you believe to be a fraudulent employment request or offer, you can seek more information by visiting the ACCC website in Australia, the Federal Trade Commission website in the US and the National Crime & Cyber Reporting Centre website in the UK.

You can also report scams that you believe misrepresent APA via our Contact us form.