at APA when we make decisions, we:

do things safely

We do everything we can to ensure our people and the public are safe, and that our work sites and offices are places where our staff are valued and treated with respect. Safety also extends to operating our assets safely, without adversely impacting people or the environment.

take a long term focus

We are here for the long term, so we need to prioritise the long-term interests of APA over a quick win in all of our decisions.

manage apa money as if it's our own

We think of APA’s money as our own, we spend it carefully and wisely and make sure we get the best value for money for APA.

do what we say we do

We hold ourselves accountable to deliver what we say we do both internally with people at APA and externally with our stakeholders.

know our reputation matters

APA’s reputation and our personal reputation are important. We understand how important it is to be seen positively by all our stakeholders and by the broader community.