APA’s HSE Management System is called Safeguard. The Environmental Management components of Safeguard are based on the requirements in Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 14001 (2015) Environmental Management Systems.

The management system applies to all APA employees and contractors. It provides a framework to manage our environment risks and boost our environmental performance.

HSE Management System

The Safeguard Environmental Management Group Procedure sets the expectations of Environmental Management at APA and applies to environmental risks related to all our assets (both owned and managed), activities and operations controlled by APA.

Beneath the Environmental Management Group Procedure are a suite of Environment Procedures. The Environment Procedures create a common environmental risk landscape and outline the common controls for our business.

This framework is applied to the local level (our sites, projects and assets) by a comprehensive environmental risk assessment (ERA) process. At APA, the ERA is a critical part of our business planning processes. Not only does it ensure that we have identified and assessed all local environmental risks, but it creates business ownership of environmental risks and kickstarts the integration of controls into business activities through an Environmental Management Plan (or equivalent).

Safeguard is subject to regular review and improvement to ensure objectives and obligations are continually satisfied.

Governance over Environmental Management is provided by the Board, the HSE Committee of the Board, Group HSE Management Committee and local HSE Committees, supported by the Environment Team.