APA has implemented an HSE Management System called Safeguard that provides a framework to manage our Health, Safety and Environment risks. Safeguard is subject to regular review and improvement to ensure objectives and obligations are continually satisfied.

Safeguard includes an HSE planning element that results in the development of an HSE Strategic Plan that outlines the key initiatives that will be implemented and progress is reported in APA’s Sustainability Report.

HSE Governance is provided by the Board, the HSE Committee of the Board, Group HSE Management Committee and business / site HSE Committees, supported by the HSE team.

By taking a systematic approach to environmental management, APA aims to:

  • Empower all employees (including contractors) to manage environmental risk by providing clear expectations.

  • Reduce risk in our operations and ensures compliance with legal and other obligations.

  • Provide direction and assistance to all APA’s business units, contractors and external stakeholders and third parties.

  • Continually improve our HSE environmental performance by applying lessons learnt.

  • Ensure appropriate allocation of resources.

Safeguard is arranged under 15 Elements, structured to reflect the Continuous Improvement cycle of Commit, Plan, Do, Check and Act. These Elements define what must be achieved and are consistent with the APA HSE Policy and ISO. Environmental management is covered under Element 13: Environmental Effects and Management.

Sitting beneath each Element is a cascade of Group Procedures; Safeguard Protocols and Business Unit and Asset HSE Plans and Procedures.

HSE Management System HSE Policy Cascade


APA’s environmental management aims are to:

  • Meet our legal obligations and the general duty of care to protect the environment from harm.
  • Manage the environmental and social impacts of our business.

  • Find new ways to continue to reduce our environmental impacts.

  • Realise environmental, community and business benefits.

  • Consideration of the environmental and social impact of the resources, products and services we use or provide to others and caring about our impact on customers, colleagues, the community, environment and APA’s investors.