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APA is committed to pursuing a high standard of environmental management


Our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy is approved by the Board and signed off by Mick McCormack, APA’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. It sets outs APA’s commitment to achieve our overall goal of zero harm. That’s zero harm for all our employees, contractors and third party stakeholders that either operate our assets or work near them; community members who live within the vicinity of our assets; and importantly too, avoiding and minimising environmental harm where our assets are located.

Every employee, including contractors and sub-contractors has an obligation to prevent or minimise any environmental harm arising from APA’s operations and activities.

APA CEO Mick McCormack talks about environmental management at APA.


We deliver an environmentally responsible, safe and essential service by:

  • taking a systematic and risk-based approach to environmental risk management

  • maintaining compliance with environmental laws in all jurisdictions we conduct our business including our emissions reporting obligations

  • including environmental risk management in all investment and procurement decision-making

  • meeting or exceeding the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association ("APGA") Code of Environmental Practice

  • contributing to policy and responding to climate change initiatives to promote the use of gas as essential to a cleaner energy mix


APA continues to support reducing carbon emissions as a responsible risk mitigation response to climate change, including evaluating complementary clean energy projects. Learn more about our investments in renewable energy.

To view our latest sustainability scorecard for Environment click here

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APA is investing in wind farms and solar projects.

We were awarded a prestigious Golden Gecko award for the monitoring of an endangered marsupial during development of a new pipeline.