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environment & heritage

APA is committed to pursuing a high standard of environmental management.


Our Health, Safety, Environment & Heritage sets out APA’s environmental commitment. We recognise that our business activities are extensive and are committed to managing our risks and protecting the environment across all areas of our business.

Every employee, including contractors and sub-contractors, has an obligation to prevent or minimise environmental harm arising from APA’s operations and activities.

APA operates in a diverse range of environments, including metropolitan, rural and remote parts of Australia. Characteristics of the environments we work in are drivers to ensure we meet our environmental obligations. Environmental management is one way we ensure that we operate and construct our assets in a socially responsible manner.

We will deliver an environmentally responsible service by:

  • Taking a systematic and risk-based approach to environmental risk management.
  • Working in line with environmental laws in all jurisdictions where we conduct our business.
  • Continually analysing and working to improve our environmental performance.
  • For pipeline assets, meeting or exceeding the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) Code of Environmental Practice.
  • Contributing to the development and improvement of environmental policy and legislation in Australia.
  • Actively understanding and managing climate change risks to our business.
  • Working to identify and realise environmentally sustainable business practices.

APA continues to support reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a responsible risk mitigation response to climate change, including evaluating complementary clean energy projects.

APA is investing in wind farms and solar projects.

Learn more about APA's approach to environmental management.