Australian Pipelines and Gas Association Safety Award presentation

APA has been awarded the Australian Pipelines and Gas Associations (APGA)'s 2016 Safety Award for its SafeDrive+ Arrive Alive program. The Arrive Alive videos feature frontline employees sharing their stories to help improve driver safety and address APA’s greatest safety risk. The videos were viewed and discussed by teams across APA and resulted in a noticeable decrease in driving incidents.

SafeDrive+ Arrive Alive was introduced by APA to reduce the significant risk posed to its employees and their passengers who cover more than 17 million kilometres a year in around 750 vehicles.

The centrepiece of the SafeDrive+ Arrive Alive campaign is a series of videos featuring APA employees talking about their experiences. The videos were developed after employee feedback indicated they would listen to the advice of their peers.

Instead of using commercially available road and driver safety videos, APA looked for volunteers among its own employees who were willing to share their experiences for the benefit of their colleagues.

This resulted in the production of a series of driver safety videos which have been rolled out across the company accompanied by messages from senior APA leaders. The campaign also included related materials from the company’s Safeguard health and safety program aimed at promoting discussion around the videos.

Four videos were produced from October 2014 to October 2015:

  • Roll-over: an employee who had an accident shares his near-death experience.

  • Fatigue: employees share how fatigue impacts on drivers at work.

  • Driving on remote and country roads: employees talk about wildlife strikes and other dangers of remote and country roads.

  • Bringing it home: employees go through a recent roll-over incident in outback Western Australia and the lessons learned.

Since the launch of SafeDrive+ we have observed a steady reduction in the number of driving-related incidents. Feedback from employees has been very supportive, with the real life examples resonating with viewers.

Two new videos and associated materials have recently been produced and released to employees.