Emu Downs Wind Farm

The Emu Downs Wind and Solar Farm in Western Australia.

APA is investing in wind farms and solar projects

Over the past decade, we have supported and invested in renewable energy projects across Australia, including in three wind farms (North Brown Hill, Emu Downs and Badgingarra) and three solar farms (Emu Downs, Badgingarra and Darling Downs).

We have invested around $750m in renewable energy projects, with total nameplate capacity of more than 470 megawatts, including projects under construction. Detailed descriptions of our renewables projects are listed below.

The 132-megawatt North Brown Hill Wind Farm is expected to save 355,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year for 25 years, for a total of 8,875,000 tonnes.

The 80-megawatt Emu Downs Wind Farm is expected to save 232,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year for 25 years, for a total of 5,800,000 tonnes. Co-located is the the 20-megawatt Emu Downs Solar Farm, underpinned by a Power Purchase Agreement with Western Australian energy supplier Synergy and funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). For more information visit our Wind & Solar Farms page.

We've entered into a long-term agreement with Alinta that will underpin our development of the 130-megawatt Badgingarra Wind Farm and the 17.5-megawatt Badgingarra Solar Farm. Both Badgingarra farms will be located adjacent to our Emu Downs farms, creating an approximately 250-megawatt renewable energy precinct.

We've entered into a long-term offtake agreement with Origin Energy to underpin our development of a 110-megawatt solar farm, near Dalby in Queensland's Darling Downs.The development is also supported by a $20 million grant from the Australian Government through the ARENA Advancing Renewables Program.