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climate change and net zero

We have sought to set interim targets and goals aligned with the Paris goal to limit warming to well below 2°C and disclosures consistent with the FSB Taskforce Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. 

We're committed to climate change
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Our targets, goals and supporting actionsCTP table v2.png

Managing and realising opportunities

renewable opportunities at apa

Our mitigation hierarchy outlines our approach to addressing and realising the challenges of climate and the transition to net zero.

  1. Avoid and Reduce - Optimise Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reduction opportunities throughout APA’s existing asset portfolio and avoid emissions during FEED and construction processes.
  2. Innovate – Leverage technology initiatives, partnerships and other innovations to advance investment, build readiness and support reduction and avoidance initiatives.
  3. Invest – The net zero target is embedded in our portfolio strategy and capital allocation decision-making, planning and valuation.
  4. Robust – The target and approach are built on strong foundations of governance, risk management, reward and recognition, and quality data, modelling and measurement.
  5. Responsible – Take a responsible and transparent approach in our disclosure, public policy engagement and the way in which we integrate and implement our approach to climate.

Emissions reductions are prioritised where reasonable to do so. Where cost or technically prohibitive, we support the use of high-quality carbon offsets, with co-benefits which meet our defined criteria as being responsible.

Natural gas and natural gas infrastructure will play a critical role in the transition to net zero through firming in the electricity market and the provision of decarbonised gases. 

Moreover, we’re also investing in an array of clean energy technologies as key enablers, in particular hydrogen, renewable electricity, energy storage and carbon capture and storage. This includes many initiatives as part of APA’s Pathfinder Program, as we invest in a range of innovations and new energy solutions that will be needed for a decarbonised future.

Advocacy, support and collaboration

APA believes achieving successful transition which supports the Paris Agreement goals, will rely on effective planning, policy certainty and well-designed market-based mechanisms. This will establish and reflect a carbon investment signal and facilitate the most efficient and cost-effective process for our business.

We publicly advocate for action on climate change and a net zero future, in support of the goals of the Paris Agreement. We collaborate in leadership and industry forums, including:

advocacy at apa

We are committed to ensuring that there are the right resources and capabilities in our organisation to enable the transition to net zero, while continuing to pursue opportunities to collaborate and support our value chain to achieve emissions reductions.

We will support the communities in which we operate, especially in regional areas, to adapt and benefit from the transition to net zero.

Governance and Risk

Facilitating the transition to a net zero economy presents us with risks to manage and opportunities to realise.

The APA Board is responsible for reviewing and considering the potential impacts of sustainability-related risks, including climate change, across the organisation. Our Climate Change Policy formalises our position and commitments outlined here.

All sustainability and climate risks and opportunities are managed in accordance with APA’s Risk Management System. We’re continuing to mature our approach to managing climate risks with scenario analysis and resilience testing of our asset portfolio and are taking steps to assess the physical impacts of climate change.

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