The proposed route for the Western Slopes Pipeline commences to the north of the Pilliga National Park and Pilliga West State Conservation Areas, before heading southwest to connect to the Moomba Sydney Pipeline, approximately 100 kilometres west of Condobolin (see map).

The issues considered in selecting the proposed route included environmental values, complexity of the terrain, the number of land parcels and landowners / leaseholders, and current and future land use considerations. Through consultation with landowners and extensive field surveys, several route refinements have been made to avoid environmentally sensitive areas and address landowner feedback.

The key objective in both the preliminary route selection for the Western Slopes Pipeline and the subsequent refinements made has been to find the most suitable alignment possible with the least possible impact on landowners, communities and natural and built environments.

Alignment Maps

Please click on the links below the following key map to view maps of the proposed alignment for the Western Slopes Pipeline.

Western Slopes Pipeline Project - Proposed alignment maps

Map 1: Narrabri

Map 2: Walgett

Map 3: Coonamble

Map 4: Warren

Map 5: Bogan / Lachlan

Map 6: Cobar / Lachlan