Opportunities for Local Businesses 

APA is committed to maximising opportunities for local contractors and suppliers to contribute to the Western Slopes Pipeline project. The key opportunities for local supply will include: 

  • Opportunities for non-pipeline specific contractors and trades including general civil, clear and grade, traffic management, fencing, water cartage, vegetation management and rehabilitation.
  • Services to construction camps, including food, cleaning, waste management and security.
  • General trades for construction of camps.
  • Accommodation for field personnel in the lead up to construction and prior to the establishment of temporary construction camps.

As the project progresses APA will release further information regarding the registration process for local businesses with an interest in being involved in the delivery of the project. Local industry briefing sessions will also be held in the local region in the lead up to construction. 

Businesses wishing to stay informed regarding the project should register to receive our project updates by emailing [email protected]

traffic control Pipeline construction in southern NSW, Jan 2017

Regional Gas Supply Opportunities

As part of the development of the Western Slopes Pipeline Project, APA is actively investigating the feasibility of providing natural gas as an alternative energy source to end users in the surrounding region. Natural gas has the potential to provide a cost effective alternative energy source for agriculture, industry and mining users as a replacement for existing electric or diesel fueled plant, equipment and machinery.

Did you know?  
  • LPG is currently used by Cotton Gins throughout the region to fuel processing equipment. Natural gas is a potentially cleaner and cost effective alternative to LPG.
  • Natural gas is the primary feed stock for urea based fertilizer production and is also used to produce pesticides.
  • A number of farmers on the Central Ranges Pipeline between Dubbo and Tamworth are already benefiting from access to gas as a cheaper alternative energy source 
    Click here to view the case study from DPI: Using gas to cut production costs

Gas offtake on the Central Ranges Pipeline

Gas offtake on the Central Ranges Pipeline.