Proposed Western Slopes Pipeline route map

APA has entered into a Project Development Agreement with Santos NSW (Pipeline) Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Santos Limited. The agreement provides a framework for APA and Santos to work with regulatory authorities and local communities towards the development of a new pipeline from Santos’ proposed Narrabri Gas Project to connect to the existing APA-owned East Coast Grid through the Moomba Sydney Pipeline.

APA will soon commence a comprehensive regulatory approval process with the submission of a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. The PEA will include details of a proposed pipeline corridor, located west of the existing Central West Pipeline which preliminary studies identified as the most suitable for construction.

A range of factors were taken into account in selecting the proposed pipeline corridor including environmentally sensitive areas, the complexity of terrain, the number of land parcels and landowners impacted, and current and future land use considerations.

Further steps in the design and construction of the pipeline are subject to a series of staged regulatory approval requirements that will be informed by extensive landholder and community consultation, detailed environmental studies and public comment. The pipeline is ultimately subject to a Final Investment Decision by Santos, regulatory approval of the Narrabri Gas Project and execution of an agreed form gas transportation agreement.

According to estimates from Santos, the proposed Narrabri Gas Project has the potential to supply up to 50 per cent of the natural gas needs of more than 1.1 million homes and 30,000 business and industrial customers in NSW.

For more information, including how the consultations and approvals process works and frequently asked questions, please see our Western Slopes Pipeline Project Factsheet.


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